JAPAN PREPAID SIM powered by TRE mobile

You can get "JAPAN PREPAID SIM powered by TRE mobile" with free voice all at XCOM GLOBAL kiosk.
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Line Up for Voice SIM

PlansTotal 1GB / 15 DaysTotal 3GB / 15 Days
Prices5,500 JPY (Tax included)7,700 JPY (Tax included)
Effective Days15 Days
SIM SizenanoSIM

Points for Voice SIM

  • Free Voice All.
    Free call with less than 10 minutes of calling.※1
    No additional fee, you can use it with confidence.
  • No Activation Required. Easy To Set Up.
    You don't need credit card.※2
    Ready-to-go with APN setting only.
  • 4G/LTE
    Data Speed: Downstream speed up to 110Mbps / Upstream speed up to 10Mbps※3
  • ※1: If you call over 10min., the line may stop working.
    When total of over time will over 5000 JPY, the line may stop working.
    This SIM card cannot be used outgoing international calls. Domestic call only. (To receive a phone call from domestic and overseas is possible)
  • ※2: Data capacity can not be added. Extension of effective days is not possible.
  • ※3:【4G】 (AXGP) Downstream speed up to 110Mbps, Upstream speed up to 10Mbps / (LTE) Downstream speed up to 112.5Mbps, Upstream speed up to 37.5Mbps
    【3G】 Downstream speed up to 21Mbps / Upstream speed up to 5.7Mbps
    Regarding the corresponding area, please confirm here.

About Payment

  • Payment is credit card only.
  • Identification and credit card are required to purchase our products.
    (For crime prevention related with telecommunications, Japanese customers are required two identifications with face photo.)

Service Details for Voice SIM

Inquiries for Voice SIM

●TRE mobile Customer Center (English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese)


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