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100% nationwide population coverage!

Stay connected anywhere in Japan with our Mobile WiFi Hotspot!

(4G LTE / 3G)858 JPY per day (Tax included) (≒7.9USD) + Options

Why use JAPAN WiFi?

It is still hard to find free WiFi locations or prepaid SIM cards to buy in Japan,
because long term LTE contracts are predominant in the Japanese wirelesss market.
However, with JAPAN WiFi, you can enjoy the high speed quality and the convenience of LTE service
because we purchase long term plans for you, and rent it out in an affordable price for your temporary stay in Japan.

SIM Cards

Until very recent, purchasing SIM Lock Free Devices was not common at all in Japan making it hard to find a place to purchase SIM cards.
Your smartphone that you bought in your country might not be compatible to the frequencies in Japan. Not only that, prepaid SIMs tend to have limitations with the amount of data and their expiration.
With Japan WiFi, it is very simple. You stop by our airport kiosk when you land, and then give it back to us before you leave.
Of course, all of our devices are compatible to the frequencies in Japan, and you can stay connected to the internet with relief with any of your Wi-Fi compatible devices.

Free Wi-Fi

In a survey implemented by the Japan Tourism Agency, many foreigners visiting Japan responded that "the lack of free Wi-Fi is very inconvenient." Japan has very few free Wi-Fi spots, and they often have additional obstacles and inconveniences such as requiring membership registration. There are also security risks in connecting to potentially malicious free Wi-Fi, including infection by viruses and leaking information.
As JAPAN Wi-Fi offers 100% service coverage ratio in Japan, we allow you to easily connect to the internet from anywhere in the country.


While roaming is convenient because it is not necessary to change SIM cards or carry a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot around, incurred roaming fees can be very expensive.
JAPAN WiFi allows you to use a secure internet environment at a fixed rate, and with high speed and high capacity.

Pick up at the airport when you arrive,
and return at the airport when you leave

You can receive and return at kiosks in major airports in Japan. We do not mind at all, even if your arrival and departure are at different airports. Pick it up when you land, and return when you leave. You will stay connected all the time as if you were in your country with Japan WiFi.

So simple to connect!
Just turn on the mobile Wi-Fi hotspot
and then enter the password into your smartphone.

Connecting with JAPAN WiFi couldn't be easier. Simply turn on the mobile Wi-Fi hotspot and then enter the password into your smartphone or other Wi-Fi capable device that you wish to connect with. Then you can simply connect to the internet as usual, with no additional worries. One Wi-Fi router allows up to 5 simultaneous connections.

XCOM GLOBAL is fully experienced
in providing reliable English customer care.

JAPAN WiFi is operated by XCOM GLOBAL. An industry pioneer, we are the first operator in Japan to start a rental service for mobile Wi-Fi hotspots, which can be used in more than 200 countries and regions worldwide.
Based on our extensive experience and success in this field and exploiting our location in Japan, which is a telecommunications providing nation, we offer a high quality service backed up by thorough support.
If you experience any issues, we offer full support in English.

JAPAN WiFi Free Wi-Fi SIM Cards Roaming
Service Area

Coverage for All of Japan

Fixed Wi-Fi spots only
Few spots placed in tourist areas

Coverage for All of Japan

Coverage for All of Japan


day 500MB/¥858(Tax incl.)

Use is free, but registration may be charged.

¥3,500 / 14 (Company A)
¥3,150 / 30 (Company B)

Charges depend on communications carrier
Variety such as ¥11,593 - ¥737,280 300MB

Communication Speed

3G or 4G LTE

Depends on provider
Speed may decrease or connection may be impossible depending on the number of people connected.


3G or 4G LTE

Communication Volume

No restrictions*

No restrictions

100MB / day (Company A)
1GB / 30 days (Company B)

Depends on communications carrier

Simultaneous Connections 5 1 1

Pocket sized

Cannot be carried around

Insert into Wi-Fi device

Use as normal

*If you use this service for extremely intensive volumes of communication that exceed the parameters of standard use, your connection speed may be slowed or stopped at our discretion.