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858 JPY per day (Tax included).
A flat rate means no worries about additional charges.

The charge for JAPAN WiFi rental is a flat rate of 858 JPY per day (Tax included).
Up to 5 devices can connect simultaneously to a single mobile Wi-Fi hotspot, allowing five people to share a single unit and connect to the internet from anywhere in Japan for just 172 JPY per day (Tax included), per person.

*Additional charges may be incurred if additional options are used.

*If you use the service for extremely intensive volumes of communication that exceed the parameters of standard use, your connection speed may be slowed or stopped at the Carriers discretion.

Perfect for long visits! Long term discounts!

Intended for customers staying in Japan for longer periods of time, we offer long-term discounts on rental of JAPAN WiFi mobile Wi-Fi hotspots.
You can now enjoy visiting Japan without any worries about internet connection.

A Variety of Additional Options

We also offer a variety of options depending on how you intend to use the mobile Wi-Fi hotspot, including insurance to protect against theft or damage and a mobile charger to prevent the battery from running out while you are on the move.


440 JPY / day per unit (Tax included)

A money-saving option that provides both safe insurance in the case of damage or theft and a mobile charger. This is our most popular plan, used by many of our customers.


330 JPY / day per unit (Tax included)

A service that covers 100% of charges for theft, loss or damage of the rental set. Approximately 82% of our users take out this insurance, just in case!

Mobile Charger

220 JPY / day per unit (Tax included)

A large capacity 7800m A/h mobile battery that can provide a full charge to a standard smartphone approximately 3-4 times. The Mobile Charger is rechargeable and reusable.

* Cannot be used with Samsung tablets (all GALAXY TAB models). Can be used with Samsung smartphones.

Other Charges

Cancellation Fee

2,100 JPY / unit (Tax free)
No cancellation fee if order is cancelled 4 days prior to its scheduled pick up date

Cancel in plenty of time so cancellation fees are not incurred. A charge incurs when you cancel your rental after the rental set has been prepared for you.

Late Fee

2,200 JPY / day (Tax included)

A charge incurred daily if you do not return your mobile Wi-Fi hotspot from 3 days after the end of your rental period. If you wish to extend your rental period then please be sure to extend it prior to expiration of the rental period.

Faulty Device / Lost Device

  • In the case of malfunction, the mobile Wi-Fi hotspot will be replaced free of charge.
  • If damaged then please return all of the parts.
  • Note that if insufficient parts are returned then your rental will be handled as lost.
  • Charges will be incurred in the case of loss.

Charges in case of Loss
(When Insured and Uninsured)

Insurance Cost-330 JPY / day (Tax included)
Total loss (Loss, Theft, or Submerge)40,000 JPY (Tax free)0 JPY (Tax free)
Device (including superficial damage, damage to parts, parts lost)20,000 JPY (Tax free)0 JPY (Tax free)
SIM card (line)20,000 JPY (Tax free)0 JPY (Tax free)
Charger AC adapter3,000 JPY (Tax free)0 JPY (Tax free)
Micro USB cable for charging1,000 JPY (Tax free)0 JPY (Tax free)
Mobile charger7,000 JPY (Tax free)0 JPY (Tax free)
Carrying case1,000 JPY (Tax free)0 JPY (Tax free)

  • In the case of loss or theft, you must present documentation from local police or an official body. If documentation cannot be presented then the exemption rate will be reduced to 50%.